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With nod to charter networks, DPS is giving a successful principal a second school – Chalkbeat 2015

“In the case of Alex Magaña, the principal at Grant Beacon Middle School, Denver Public Schools has an idea: Give him two schools.”

Schools Test Impact of Blending Technology, Longer School Days – Ed Week  February 2015

“Students at Grant Beacon Middle School in Denver spend much of the school day in a blended learning scenario, using Chromebooks to access digital curricula and working face to face with their teachers. Students also have a longer school day—an extra hour that allows for more enrichment and electives.”


“Inside Peter Grampp’s classroom, the sounds of scribbling pencils and shuffling papers have been replaced by mouse clicks and keyboard keys. Instead of textbooks and worksheets, in front of each of the 24 sixth graders sits a Chromebook, from which these students access information, demonstrate knowledge, and share ideas. “

DPS Foundation – Recognizing GBMS for Blended Learning – Ed Week February 2015

“When you walk into a classroom at Grant Beacon, you’ll find groups of students working simultaneously in different formats – some complete assignments on their laptops, while others work together in small collaborative groups, while others receive one-on-one instruction from their teacher.”

Hechinger Report – How an extended day, other innovations turned a Denver middle school around

“It’s a midweek afternoon and all 450 of the students at our Denver middle school are staying an hour later. They’re not in detention. The buses aren’t late. Instead, students are participating in a range of activities, from a rocket-building class to one-on-one tutoring in math, and they’re excited to be here.”

Grant Beacon Middle School to open Ideation Lab – December 2014 

“On December 17th Grant Beacon Middle School (GBMS) will celebrate the opening of its state-of-the-art Ideation Lab.This innovative lab will help cement Grant’s national leadership position in the use of the rapidly evolving “Blended Learning” educational model.”

DPS Blended Learning & Janus 

“Grant Beacon Middle School is the second Janus Blended Learning Lab Site in Denver Public Schools. Grant Beacon joins West Generation Academy as a pilot site to integrate blended learning, which pairs teacher-led instruction with digital, online curriculum to provide students with opportunities to personalize and control the pace of their learning.”

Stories of Impact: Grant Beacon Middle School – A Success Story in K-12 School Innovation

“It’s a Tuesday afternoon and all 450 Grant Beacon Middle School students are staying an hour later at school. They’re not in detention. The buses aren’t late.”


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