About Me

Who would have ever thought that a kid that did not have much structure and had many challenges throughout his life would end up as an executive principal of two middle schools?  Hello.  My name is Alex Magaña.  I am the Executive Principal of the Beacon Network in Denver, Colorado.  Although the cards were stacked up against me, like many other children we serve, the one thing my life experiences taught me was that in order to survive, you have to work hard.  After working as an accountant, business analyst, teacher, assistant principal, and principal, I was given the challenge to open a second school with a truly remarkable staff.  We are in our second year as a Beacon Network where we focus on personalized learning for every child.

DSC_0052 (1)

When you walk into a Beacon School, you will see students learning at their own pace, students modeling one or more of our character traits, students participating in various enrichment activities, and students challenged at their appropriate level. As the Network grows, I look forward to reflecting on some of my successes and failures of opening a second school, defining what personalized learning is to us, sharing leadership moves and, most importantly, communicating what we are doing to personalize learning for our kids every day.  





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